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NCPA Foundation Student Loans

The NCPA Foundation Student Loan Program began in 1955. It is an example of the longstanding interest that the Foundation has in the education of future pharmacists. From modest beginnings, the NCPA Foundation Loan Program has grown to an impressive level. Thousands of students have been assisted with loans totaling over $10,000,000. Support for this program continues to be a major fundraising focus of the NCPA Foundation.

Who may apply?

Student members of the National Community Pharmacists Association in their first professional pharmacy degree program and who are planning a career in independent community pharmacy practice may apply. Student membership applications are available at the NCPA website (

Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Loans will be granted in increments of $1,250 per semester to a maximum of $2,500 per calendar year.

Please download the loan form for more details.

Employer Loan Forgiveness Program

Some employers offer a loan forgiveness or "loan for service" program to recruit and retain pharmacists. Such a program typically provides funds for repayment of educational loans up to a specific amount in exchange for certain commitments by the employee, for example, agreement to work for the employer for a specific duration or to work in areas with a shortage of pharmacists. Ask your employer or potential employer to find out if this option is available.

Early Payoff

In these times of unstable economics and escalating tuition costs, more pharmacy students are turning to the NCPA Foundation for educational loans. However, the NCPA Foundation is not always able to meet the demand for financial assistance. We hope you will consider paying off your loan balance(s) early so that the foundation can have more funds available for supporting various programs that advance independent community pharmacy, which includes student loans. Of course another benefit of paying off a loan ahead of schedule is you pay less in interest fees.

If you are interested in paying your loan balance(s), please call the NCPA Foundation at 800-544-7447 to find out your current balance(s).