Current Initiatives

Community service programs assist with enhancing the image of independent pharmacies as a health care center, help communities with health care prevention and educational awareness programs, supply independent pharmacies with potential traffic-building programs, and provide an unmet need in the independent pharmacy marketplace. Community service programs can also engage pharmacy customers to contribute to charitable advocacy efforts that help solve a major health problem and help demonstrate independent community pharmacy’s health care concerns and interest in helping their communities. Funding partners and other partners, such as health care coalitions and patient advocacy organizations, may be involved to support community service programs that would be launched on a national level through independent community pharmacies.

Independent pharmacies have historically joined forces to tackle important issues that make a difference in our communities. With your help, we know that we can make a difference.

Current Initiatives: 

Dispose My Meds

NCPA Foundation-UAMS Pharmacy Ownership and Leadership Academy (POLA)