National Bone Marrow Donor Drive

Participation in the NCPA Foundation’s Bone Marrow Donor Drive with DKMS, the world’s largest and most experienced bone marrow donor center, is an important step towards increasing the pool of bone marrow donors to help save the thousands of lives affected by blood cancers, like leukemia and lymphoma every year. Since 2009 more than 1,100 individuals have been added to the National Bone Marrow Registry from the donor drives conducted at independent pharmacies across the country. The 2009 drive resulted in a match that saved a life!

Annual Donor Drive

November is National Bone Marrow Awareness Month, but you can run a donor drive at any time of the year! You can also register here and become a potential lifesaver today!

Welcome to the fight against blood cancers. Your pharmacy’s participation in the NCPA Foundation’s Bone Marrow Donor Drive is a step in the right direction to increase the national bone marrow registry and ultimately, to save lives.
The need for bone marrow and stem cell donors was brought to the attention of the NCPA Foundation through independent pharmacy owner David Wilcox from Fresno, California. David’s adopted son, Javier, was diagnosed with leukemia but, because of his ethnicity, it has been difficult for Javier to find a match—there simply aren’t enough Hispanic donors. However, this treatment may be his only chance to beat the blood cancer.
Unfortunately, Javier’s story is not unique. 
  • More than 170,000 Americans are diagnosed with a blood cancer each year.
  • Every year more than 14,000 patients in need of a blood stem cell donation search globally for an unrelated matching donor.
  • There is especially a need for ethnic donors, solely due to the under-representation of minority groups on the national registry.
  • Children are the group most widely affected by leukemia and a blood marrow transplant may be their only hope for a second chance at life.
We’ve chosen the leader in bone marrow drives as a partner. DKMS is the largest and most experienced bone marrow donor drive center in the world—they have registered over 10 million potential donors worldwide leading to 84,000 patients receiving second chances at life.
We are grateful to bring the NCPA family together for this cause. Independent pharmacies have historically joined forces to tackle important issues that make a difference in our communities. With your help, we know that we can make a difference.
Thank you for your partnership.

Cancer Facts & Figures

This is an easy-reference sheet that displays the statistics and correlating urgent need for bone marrow donors. It is a great reference and educational tool for customers who are considering becoming a donor.

Bone Marrow Donor Information & Why Diversity Matters

When searching for a matching donor it is much harder for patients of racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds to find a match. Because tissue types used in matching are inherited, you are more likely to match someone of a similar ethnic background. Unfortunately, due to under-representation of various groups in the donor pool, patients of certain ethnicities often have a tougher time finding a lifesaving match. Adding more members who help increase the diversity of the donor pool increases the chances for all patients to find their much needed match.

DKMS Fact Sheet

Information about DKMS and donating.

B&W Newspaper Ad & Color Newspaper Ad

These 4" x 4” newspaper ads can be sent to your local newspaper and/or magazine publications to publicize the event. There is color and a black/white option available. Be sure to add your pharmacy name, address, phone number, and the dates of your bone marrow drive into the write-able fields of the pdf document.

Press Release

This press release can be updated with your pharmacy name information and any other details you would like to include and sent to your local media organizations.

Bag Stuffers

These were created to either insert into customer’s bags or staple on top of them. This is a great way to create customer awareness for the event in the weeks prior to the drive. There is a space on each form to add your pharmacy name, contact information, and dates of your bone marrow drive.

Donation Myths vs. Facts

These documents provide answers to common donor questions. They are helpful resources for anyone who will help administer the drive to be well-equipped to answer questions, as well as for potential donors to review.

Donor Sign-up Sheet & Donor Online Sign-up Information 

If a pharmacy’s donor screening supplies are depleted or if a donor is unable to attend your donor drive or if they are pressed for time, the following options are available:

  1. Use the Donor Sign-up Sheet to obtain donors’ contact information so that DKMS can mail them a Donor Screening Kit along with instructions, an enrollment form, and cheek swab test supplies.
  2. Use the Donor Online Sign-up Information document to direct donors to the DKMS website to sign up on-line so DKMS can mail them a Donor Screening Kit along with instructions, an enrollment form, and cheek swab test supplies.

Model Release for Photographs of Donor Drive Participants

The NCPA Foundation and NCPA welcome photographs of your donor drive participants and pharmacy staff for reproduction in future promotions, new items, and reports. Please send the media release pdf along with your photo(s) in an electronic jpg format to the NCPA Foundation at

Donor Screening Training Tools

Bone Marrow Donor Registration Training Powerpoint Presentation